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Managing Director's Message - Shaikh Markhzan Jalani

With the current turmoil that the world is facing today and the widespread globalization, we in Minsyam Sdn Bhd understand that our customer’s needs is essential.  13 years in the market, with the vast experience behind us, Minsyam has intensively delivered our best performance of which our focus is customers satisfaction.

We are now in our ever changing market environment.  The pandemic of Covid19 has brought about positive changes and set a new paradigm for Minsyam to work on.  We would like to reassure everyone out there that a company we are resilient.  We take special responsibility on our supplies of Minsyam’s products as its essential to life and thus our purpose and values matter a lot to our customers and communities at large.  It is in times like this we shine at this challenging moments of time.

In this trying period, we in Minsyam would like everyone to set forth high concern priorities towards your family, friends and communities.  As life is paramount and keeping ourselves healthy and ensuring our immunity system is guarded while having high concern avoiding  the spread of the virus.  Immunity is key and that’s our cry out to all in bringing you our best essential product in its highest quality state in safeguarding your immunity.

We would like to take this opportunity and on behalf of the Boards of Directors, I would like to thank our valuable customers, dedicated distributors and stockists as well as our vigilant suppliers who has render relentless support to Minsyam in our journey.  I also would like to thank all staff of Minsyam for their best effort and enthusiasm in establishing our organization.  Every staff has played their role best within their specialized knowledge to reliably and efficiently produce high quality product services. 

Shaikh Markhzan Jalani
Managing Director 
Minsyam Sdn Bhd